11 Days… Tick-Tock Times Running Out

As you probably gathered from the title there is only 11 days left until my junior year of college starts. Since I’ve decided to start a new major, this will be an interesting and hopefully exciting semester. I hope I enjoy my classes and realize that journalism is something I would like to pursue as a career. Part of me is terrified that I will take those classes and begin to question what I am doing. I don’t want to change majors again. I thought a lot about what I would want to change my major to when I decided to switch from biochemistry to journalism. Below is the thoughts from the moment I changed my major last April.

9:35 am~ So it is official, I am a Journalism major with a minor in Biochemistry. As I left Hamilton Hall on Friday, it felt like a huge pressure had been lifted from my head. I walked out, admiring the weather, with an almost overwhelming sense of happiness. I never noticed the pressure I put on myself to excel at biochemistry. I want to get involved with this major. Biochem really only has two thing you can be a part of. Journalism has so many more options.

I still remember that day as clear as yesterday. To me, it was one of those days that changed the direction my life would take and I’m hoping it was for the better.

As the days slowly tick by, I’m trying to get more organized before school starts up. Regularly posting, using my planner, checking my emails are a few things I would like to get into the routine of doing before the 21st. Hopefully, it will stick and become a habit for me. I also need to start getting up early. I used to get up early, no problem. Working at a movie theatre can really ruin your sleep schedule. Tomorrow morning Rowan and I are going to start doing Yoga, since neither of us have ever done Yoga before, it’ll be interesting to say the least. I’m not very flexible and I’ve accepted this fact.

Next week is going to be a busy week in itself. I have Peer Mentor training the 14th and 15th, a peer mentor retreat the 16th, work throughout the week and Rowan’s sibling reunion. I’m excited for the week but also worried. I want everything to go smoothly but that is never my luck. That’s why I always expect something to go wrong and prepare for it. It’s better to be prepared than sorry.

I’m really going to miss hanging out with Rowan everyday though. My classes start at 8 a.m. everyday (except Tuesdays) and I can’t leave campus until 3 when my final class is over. Rowan works nights and doesn’t get home til 1:30 in the morning almost every night. I won’t be able to stay up that late with morning classes. I know we will make it work, I just don’t like not seeing him. At least I have no classes Tuesday!

Type ya later,

~Rayne Mason


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