So it’s almost been a month that I have been dating Rowan. Even though these few weeks have been stressful with dealing with Ethan. We both agreed that we wouldn’t trade the month even though we had to deal with it. Hopefully, he will be moving out and get his own place. Right now he lives with Ethan and it’s just awkward for all parties involved.

There was a really nice place in a town a few miles away, but that ended up most likely being a scam. I wish it wouldn’t have because the house was beautiful. For me, I’m happy with whatever place he chooses as long as he is.

I finally have my actual schedule so I only work three days a week. At first, I thought that it wouldn’t be enough because I used to work 4-5 days a week. It slipped my mind that I got a raise when I became a manager so I will be making more money and I will have longer shifts.

College starts up in a little more than a month. I’m excited but also worried. I’m starting my journalism classes this fall. Since I switched my major at the end of the last semester I don’t know how those classes are going to be. What if I take these classes and I figure out that I am a terrible writer. I’m using this blog to help me practice my writing skills, but since I have the same writing style I don’t know if I’m improving. I mean practice is practice, but if I’m not getting feedback than I have no idea if I am improving.

Maybe I should share this with someone. Right now, none of my friends have any idea what this is called or even how to find it. I wanted it like that so I could be painfully honest, but I shouldn’t be worried about what they have to say about it because it’s my thoughts. If they don’t like it that’s something they will have to share with me. Not everyone will like everything you have to say.

Rowan is going to share his writing with me so I can get practice editing someone else’s work. This will be good practice, I just hope I help him and not make it harder for him when he writes.

I hope this major works out because I don’t know what I’m going to do if it doesn’t.

Type ya later,

~Rayne Mason

4 thoughts on “7.16.2017

  1. Try not to worry about the classes – you are there to learn, not to come there perfectly shaped already.

    It’s so nice Rowan will share his writing with you. I hope it brings you closer together


    • Thank you for that advice! I’ve never thought about class like that. I’ve always wanted to be immediately good at anything I try.


      • I’m the same way! For me it stems from the fear of being anything less than perfect. I hope you enjoy the classes though


      • I think I will, I’ve always enjoyed writing! I just felt that if I’m not the best right away why try, you know?


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