Yes, yes, I realize that it’s been quite sometime since I’ve posted on this blog. The past few weeks have been crazy. Also, Rowan’s dog is angry because Rowan doesn’t pay attention to him all the time so he likes to chew on things. One of those things was my laptop charger, so I just have been able to use it.

Ethan has still been being crazy. He’s apologized to us for being rude to us, but he continues to do it. Just the other day, he was rude to Aria and I. It’s unbelievable. I’ve been nothing but nice to him since the whole ordeal, but he continues to be rude and then apologize. I don’t think he understands that apologizes mean nothing if you don’t follow through. I’m sick of his behavior especially after last night.

I confronted him about his mom calling talking bad about me and that set a chain of events. He claimed that he never told his mother anything about us, but I don’t believe that one bit. I never told him who told me, but he figured it was his mom’s roommate and one of the other managers at work. He went to work and started yelling at Rowan. Liam was worried and didn’t leave while Ethan was still there because he was afraid Ethan was going to try and fight Rowan. While he was yelling about everything, he began to threaten the two people he blamed for this incident. They were both scared of what he could do. One claimed he never said any of that and the other went and filed a report with the police. He also got terminated at work and will not be rehired ever.

My friend Alice and him really hit it off, but at this point I warned her with what is going on. I still told her it is her decision, but I hope she listens to me.

Rowan is going to be moving out soon and I expect it to be another drama filled day. I don’t know what Ethan is going to do but I am worried. I don’t really want to be there when Rowan tells him.

On a more positive note, Rowan has a great place that he could possibly move into this weekend if everything goes as planned. It’s a really nice place, like we both figured it was too good to be true. So far it seems like it is legit, but a small part of me is worried that it’s a scam. Maybe the universe is giving us a break because of all the crap we had to deal with for the past few weeks.

I also am very happy to announce that I have passed all of my classes! I can happily say that I will be taking classes this fall and not retaking organic chemistry again!

Rowan and I are doing well. He met my grandparents and my mother on the 3rd. They loved him so much. As we were leaving, my grandma yelled behind us that he was cute (Which I completely agree with). My mom told me that they all really like him and will be very upset if I break up with him. Which, honestly, I don’t see happening. I don’t know how I got so lucky with him. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer and  more perfect person for me than him. I think the fact that we both think we are the lucky ones in the relationship really says something about it.

I’m officially a manager at work. So far it hasn’t been too bad.

Ryder is back from camp. He seems really stressed. He doesn’t want to work there any more and had a interview for a different job the other day. I hope Aria will apply to become a manager.

I can’t wait to live with Rowan and Aria, it’s going to be so much fun.

Type ya later,

~Rayne Mason


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