Well, I wish I could tell you guys that everything has just been fantastic since I told Rowan but since it’s me and the universe doesn’t like me, it hasn’t been. Rowan and I are great. I’ve never felt like this about a guy before. He’s so nice and kind. I couldn’t ask for a better person. We aren’t the problem. It’s Ethan. He is very upset that we are dating because he told me he liked me and I told him I liked someone else. He basically thinks that we stabbed him in the back. Since Rowan is his roommate.

I just don’t understand his logic. I never intentionally led him on. I don’t think me being nice to a guy is me leading him on. Aria says she can see why he would think I liked him, but she just named things that I would and do do for any of my friends.

Ethan wanted to try and get Rowan fired. Rowan managed to calm him down, but we can’t see each other outside of work until I become a manager. I know it is only a week away, but I really like hanging out with Rowan. This really does suck, but it’ll be worth it once we can be together without any problems. Expect possibly Aria if she is going to get upset that I’m going to be hanging with Rowan a bunch. I’m just glad Rowan knows this is worth it, to have to deal with all of this drama right now. That’s what worried me.

I just want things to be good for once.

Type ya later,

~Rayne Mason

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