I really hope Rowan forgot about trying to find this blog. I don’t want him to read it which is why I changed everyone’s names so it would be harder to find.

Before the movie last night, I went and took 7 of Ryder’s 8 shifts that he is going to miss because of camp. These will be my training days for being a manager. I hope that I get the hang of it quickly, but I’ve heard that there is a lot to it. I switched shifts with Liam on Saturday because I had put in that I didn’t want to work after 7, and what did I get scheduled? 12:30 to 8:30. I wanted to get off before that so I could possibly go and do something on my birthday. At least Liam was willing to switch. I work Friday night and Saturday morning, but Rowan and I are going to go disc golfing after we get off work on Saturday. I think it will be super fun.

I’m going to a kick-boxing class tonight so we will see how that goes!

Type ya later,

~Rayne Mason

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