Book Reivew| How To Write Good

I went to Ryan Higa’s book tour which you can read in this post and received the book “How to Write Good”

Now, I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting from this book. I feel like it was shorter than it should have been. I know he is a Youtuber and is busy, but I think there was just something missing from the book that if it would have been a tad bit longer, could have been addressed.

I honestly enjoyed the book otherwise. Ryan made his character very relatable. I really like that about this book. It was real and that’s what it needed it to be for his message. I think that young readers who pick up this book can look at him as an inspiration to the phrase ‘it will get better.’ Especially since most people who hear that, never believe it. Reading about the things he thought about doing and how he felt about himself, made me realize how far he has come and could give hope to a younger generation. Especially those who have to face discrimination the way he did.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has every or currently is going through a rough patch. It really opened my eyes and is a good, short read.

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