Have you ever regretted sending a message to someone?

Hoping the next time you see them it won’t be awkward and they won’t bring it up?

That was me yesterday. I had to work last night and Rowan did too. On Monday night, some of us went over to Ryder’s to play cards and drink. Now, I wasn’t drinking too fast, but when you drink on an empty stomach it’s not the smartest decision. By 2 in the morning I was pretty far gone. So my drunk-self thought it would be a great idea to Snap-message Rowan saying “Rowan you cute and don’t let anyone tell you different.”

When I woke up I remembered that I sent this and went to see if he had opened it yet. Luckily he hadn’t but that changed the next minute. He opened and no response. I don’t know what I expected. Him to answer? I was slightly mortified because this isn’t the first interaction with Rowan when I am slightly intoxicated. The last time, he drove me home, I invited him inside and then just laid on his lap and talked for a couple hours. Don’t worry nothing rated R happened. I was slightly mortified in the morning though.

I was worried when I had to go into work because I was afraid he was going to be weird around me. Rowan, being his normal nothing-bothers-me self, wasn’t weird to me. I asked him if he wanted to play tennis today and he said sure. I’m so glad he plays tennis, because I would probably being dying of boredom if he didn’t want to.

At least he hasn’t brought up the message and hopefully he doesn’t.

Type ya later,

~Rayne Mason

I know this was a short post, but nothing super exciting has happened! I did get a 78 on my Organic Chemistry exam! (He wanted the average to be 60.)

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