I know, I know. I said I would be better about daily posts, but in my defense I had a pretty exciting weekend. Well, I guess and exciting Saturday, but still.

Saturday, June 3rd, marked the day my friend Liam got married. I’ve only known him since October because we both work at the theatre, but I still consider him my friend. We’ve all hung out outside of work so I think I’m am safe in that assumption. I woke up at 7 in the morning because we had a safety meeting at the theatre and needed to be there by 8. The meeting passed in its usual way, the managers tell us basic safety things, we watch a couple of videos, practice some evacuations, and go home after an uneventful 2 hours. Surprisingly it didn’t feel like it took two hours.

When I got home, I decided to see if there was a way I could curl my hair without a curling iron. To no avail, I was unable and decided to shower and braid the underside and let that dry so it would get a wavy texture to it. I spent most of the morning getting ready, makeup, hair, etc. At about 2, Aria came and picked me up to head to Noah’s graduation party. We had to go back to her house so she could change. She had just dyed her hair to black with blue tips and didn’t want to wear her dress to the salon. After she changed, we went to pick up Ryder because he wanted to go. We arrived at Noah’s and were greeted with a lot of family and good food. The only reason people go to graduation parties. We joked around for awhile and then Ryder kept trying to get Aria to arm wrestle him. So, like the responsible adults we were, we took it outside. Let’s just say Ryder is the strongest among us. For only being 5’6″, he’s pretty strong.
We left Noah’s to head to Liam’s wedding. We arrived at 4 which worked out perfectly because we had at least 30 minutes before the ceremony started. We walked into the building and were directed to the courtyard. I needed to get rid of my gum so I went searching for the bathroom and we happened to run into Liam. He looked so good in his suit and just beamed with happiness. After a quick conversation, we headed to our seats and waited for the ceremony to start. I’m not going to give you every detail, but I just want to say that it was a beautiful ceremony and you could see how much each of them cared for each other. I teared up a few times because of how beautiful it was.

After the ceremony, we headed to the reception which was about a 5 minute walk. Aria and I found a table and sat down. We waited for the bridal party to enter before the food was served. Let me tell you, that food was delicious. I had a grilled chicken breast with roasted baby, red potatoes and a sweet roll. The table set up was elegant. I’m not going to bore you with all the details, but one thing that really stood out to me was the slide show they had of Liam and his now wife. There were pictures from their childhood and them together. It was adorable. Aria and I fangirled the whole time because of it. Then the father-daughter dance was beautiful. I teared up because the bride’s father started to cry and held his daughter tight. We caught Liam before we had to leave so we could get pictures and congratulate him and his wife. I told her how beautiful her dress was and how lovely this whole event was. I couldn’t stop gushing on how amazing it was. You could just see the love they had for each other and the people in their lives.

Later that night, I went on a walk with Rowan and our respective dogs. I told him about the wedding and how adorable it was.
All I can say is, one day I want to have what they have. I want the type of love that can over-come and obstacle that is thrown at it. I want the type of love that someone is proud to show off. I want this and I’m willing to wait for it.

The one thing that I took away from this experience was that love isn’t dead,

it exists you just have to find it or lucky enough for it to find you.

Type ya later,

~Rayne Mason

Side note: The song “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur is amazing and I highly recommend it.

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