My nephew, Hayden, graduated high school yesterday. He is the oldest of my 7 nephews/nieces and I am so proud of him for graduating.

Now, I understand that a high school graduation isn’t a huge point in someone’s life, but for him it was. The up-bringing he had could have prevented this if he wasn’t the person he is.

Strong, smart, and positive.

The life he had growing up is one I do not wish on anyone. Moving every year or every couple years, parents that constantly fight, one that was addicted to drugs when he was a small child, being diagnosed as a paranoid, homicidal schizophrenic, home schooling and more. Any one of these things could have easily made him stop and think “What is the point?” but luckily, none of them did.

This is why I am proud.

I’m proud of the person that he has become after going through so many challenges.  I’m proud of his selflessness. He’s going to great things, and I can’t wait to see it all unfold.

On a less serious note, I didn’t fall asleep while driving last night and that’s pretty impressive for me! I have a tendency to want to fall asleep while I’m driving in the dark. I know, its a terrible thing to do. Which is why I avoid traveling at night as much as I can.

I have to work tonight, but at least it’s a Monday so it shouldn’t be too bad.

Now, time to play some Uncharted and hopefully not die a million times.

Type ya later,

~Rayne Mason

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