Have you ever looked at an object that you see everyday, but for some reason it looks different?

You notice more details and see it in a new light.

This happened to me as I was looking at the moon. The faintest crescent moon was out tonight, but there was enough light where I could make out the shape of the rest of the moon. I’ve never looked at the moon like that when it isn’t full. I stopped my car when I noticed the moon tonight. My friend, Aria, informed me that if a car would have been behind me I would have gotten rear-ended. She was right, but we were in a parking lot so it was no big deal.

I dropped Aria off after we were done with the movie. We saw King Arther again. I don’t care what anyone says, I really enjoyed that movie. As we were leaving, Ryder told us how Ethan was upset with us because we asked for today off, but still came to see a movie. Honestly, neither of us thought it was a big deal. We had a graduation party of a fellow employee and we could not work either shift. Apparently, he started to talking about us in a not-so-nice manor. This doesn’t surprise me and if he wants to have a problem, that’s his deal.

 I can’t tell if he has feelings or not. I really hope he doesn’t have feelings. Aria thinks there is something there, but I really don’t see it. Than again, I am not the most observant person.  She sent a snap today after I told her I was with Ethan at Pita Pit saying #D8. Of course I said no, because for me it wasn’t. She brought up a good point. What if, to him, he thought it was something more? I wish I knew, but I won’t know until one of us doesn’t work at the theatre anymore.

At least tomorrow will be fun. Aria and I are going to my hometown to pick up my friend Alice. Then, we are travelling to my nephew’s town for his high school graduation. He is the first of my 7 nephews/nieces to graduate high school. I’m so proud of him because he had a lot of things happen throughout his life.

He shows me how no matter what you go through, a positive attitude can help you though it.
Everything won’t be terrible forever.

Type ya later,

~Rayne Mason

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