iKON’s Partying With Their Comeback

iKON just released two music videos, Bling Bling and B-Day. I have been a fan of iKON since WIN. WIN was a survival music show to see which team would debut. iKON (Team B) lost and had to go through another survival show, Mix ‘N Match. They were able to debut with all the original members plus one more. This is their third comeback. I enjoyed their last comeback so I’m excited to hear these new songs.

Bling Bling

First off is Bling Bling, you can watch the video above. My first run-through of the video, I wasn’t a huge fan of the song. This seems to happen with their music. To decide if I like it, I have to listen to it a couple of times. The intro and the main chorus is what really got me hooked. It’s very catchy. The beat of this song is fantastic. The video really focuses on each member in a very nice way, each has their own scenes when it’s their part. It also shows off their choreography in nice way. They are all amazing dancers and glad this mv could show that. This is definitely a song to party too!

벌떼 (B-DAY)

(I’m just going to go by its English name since my keyboard can’t type in Korean)

B-day is the second mv from this comeback. Bobby comes in strong with his rap and transitions nicely to  Yunhyeong vocal part. B.I.’s rap into the chorus was also very nice. I’m still not sure how I feel about the chorus. It’s not that impressive. This would be another song to party too. I guess this comeback is about partying because both songs make you want to bob your head and get up and dance. If that’s what they were going for they nailed it. One thing I’d have to say, the scene at 2:20 confuses me. I’m not going to go into details because you have to see it for yourself!

I’m very happy with this comeback, I enjoy the sound of these songs and will definitely add them to my playlist. I’m glad all the members seem to be more apart of the songs and it can really show their skills.


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