My friend and I had an interesting conversation last night. I was driving her home after seeing Fate of The Furious and she was chuckling at how ridiculous that movie was. I could see how it was a little ridiculous, but that didn’t make it a bad movie. I told her that I think too many people over-analyze movies, tv shows, etc. She asked me to explain so I did.

In my opinion, too many people over-analyze movies. When I go see a movie, I don’t sit there and think “oh, this shouldn’t happen” or “This could never happen.”  It’s a movie, I already know it could never happen and just because something like that happens doesn’t make it a bad movie. I understand the physics behind Fast and The Furious has no grounds in the real-world. My high school physics teacher hated these movie with a passion. I think that is what is ridiculous. I understand not liking a movie because of a bad plot or it’s badly written, but I don’t think it not being the most realistic thing ever isn’t a viable reason to not like it. During a movie, I just sit there and am like “okay that happened.” I don’t think that it couldn’t be real because I don’t care. I don’t like movies or even video games to be super realistic. Maybe that’s why I tend to like movies or shows that most people don’t really like.

I feel like people go to a movie or play video games to get away from their own lives for a couple of hours. If that’s why I go see a movie, why would I even question why things happen that couldn’t happen in the real-world.

Answer: I don’t.

She seemed taken aback with this idea. I began to explain how I hate super-realistic video games as well. I think she could handle to movie thing, but when I brought up video games she immediately started to say how realistic games are the only ones she likes to play. She wants it to be as realistic as possible, in the sense that you have to pay attention to basic functions like eating, sleeping, stamina, etc.

That is the exact opposite of what I want. I want to be able to jump off a 20 story building and land without a scratch, shoot electricity out of my hands, or climb and explore things I wouldn’t be able to reach. Video games are an escape of the mundane routine. They allow us to explore different worlds without leaving the comfort of our home.

I want to escape for awhile and that’s why I don’t over-analyze movies or video games. As long as there is a good story, that’s all I need.

Next time you go to a movie, play a video game, or watch a tv show you should try and just turn your brain off for a second. Let yourself be immersed in the world without stating the facts that this could never happen. Maybe you might enjoy it more than you originally would.

Type ya later,

~Rayne Mason

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