Today begins the start of the summer semester. I have enrolled in two classes, organic chemistry and social psychology. Organic chemistry, as you read previously, is a class that I am retaking because I did not get a grade that I found acceptable. To avoid another bad grade, I have decided to establish a routine that would almost “force” me to study chemistry and psych. How you might ask? Simple, leave my stupid apartment.

There’s probably some study that was done at some point or another stating the simple fact that, being productive at home is one of the hardest things to do. There are so many distractions, on top of the fact that most people associate being home to mean no more work. Maybe you don’t believe this. “It’s not any different from people at the library! You have the same distractions! You just need more motivation!” I used to believe this until I decided to actually see if I would be more productive at the library or someplace else on campus versus my apartment. And what do you know, I accomplished a lot more being away from my apartment. Yeah, I know, a self-study isn’t the most accurate way to get results but it’s all I had.

I’ve been at the library for an hour and a half or so and I’ve done some studying for chem, finished a psych quiz, and watched the first lecture video. Such amazing accomplishments for a student, but compared to last semester it is already an improvement.

I’m really looking forward to go back to my hometown today. I haven’t been there since Christmas and I haven’t seen one of my best friends since November. I know as we get older, we will see each other less and less. That’s why I want to go back as much as I can. Before we drift off into our own lives. With social media, it’s pretty easy to stay connected. For me, that’s not enough. Skype, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is not enough to actually stay connected. There is a piece lost when every communication is done though a screen. I say as I type this blog which whoever reads will probably never see me in person. Yeah, I know.

Well she is probably going to call in a few minutes and I have class at 12, so type you guys later.

~Rayne Mason

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