Always Changing

I don’t think I even had this blog for a week before I decided to change the whole theme and what I want to use it for. Well guys, that’s what you’re in for. If anyone ever reads this. I tend to change how I do things to see if something will work better. Constant improvement is something I strongly believe in. Why be the same you as yesterday when there is a chance to be a better you?

My summer classes start tomorrow. Psych online and Organic Chemistry II. I’m not worried about my psych class, they are always interesting to me. The Organic Chemistry is more troublesome in the sense that I am actually retaking this class. I was enrolled in the class last semester, but did not get the grade I wanted. Since my minor is in Biochemistry, I figured it would be best to fully understand and know this material.

My plan for this school session is to finally stick to a schedule. I always say I’m going to but the odds are that it never happens. Sometimes, I don’t even know what I am doing instead. I will repeat in my head a hundred times that I am going to accomplish a task and next thing I know, it’s 10 at night and I need to go to bed. I have a new planner idea that I got from theorganisedstudent. I will stick to this and hopefully it will become a habit.

In other news, my car is fixed again! It seems that the mass-air flow sensor had went bad again. Looks like my mother is correct. I feel like it drives better than it did even before it broke down. I’m thankful for my brother-in-law for coming down and fixing it.

I might get another or different job. Currently I work at a movie theatre and as glamours as that sounds, the pay sucks. I heard Target is a good place to work, but I would like to get something that has more to do with my field of study. Obviously as a new-comer to this field, I am at a loss. As I keep searching for an opportunity, hopefully one will appear.

-Rayne Mason

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