My nephew, Hayden, graduated high school yesterday. He is the oldest of my 7 nephews/nieces and I am so proud of him for graduating. Now, I understand that a high school graduation isn't a huge point in someone's life, but for him it was. The up-bringing he had could have prevented this if he wasn't … Continue reading 5.29.2017



Have you ever looked at an object that you see everyday, but for some reason it looks different? You notice more details and see it in a new light. This happened to me as I was looking at the moon. The faintest crescent moon was out tonight, but there was enough light where I could … Continue reading 5.27.2017


I saw a double rainbow today! I know it's a very, very, very faint second rainbow above the bright one, but it still counts! (As pictured above) Now, you would think that seeing this would bring good luck about. Sadly, it did not. The first of the not-so-lucky evening included me dropping three eggs on the ground that … Continue reading 5.22.2017


lone·li·ness :/'lōnlēnəs/- sadness because one has no friends or company. This definition needs slight tweaking because I do have friends. It needs to say "sadness because one has friends or company, but they are too busy for you and you are just their last resort." That might seem a little dark, but that's what loneliness means … Continue reading 5.21.2017